January 11, 2024

Vita3K Release 10 Brings Asynchronous Shader Compilation and More to Android

A new update for Vita3K on Android was released that brought with it some nice shader compilation and performance improvements!

One of the things I love about my Android devices is emulating, and one of the emulators that surprised me the most is Vita3K. Playing my backed-up PS Vita games on newer hardware has been amazing, and I have been able to re-live some of my favorite moments from when I was younger. And now, a new update was released for the Android version that helps improve performance and more!

Image source: Wololo.net

On Android devices, we can expect some massive shader improvements all around. Asynchronous shader compilation was added, which reduces stutter caused by shader compilations and speeds up compilation by almost 2x to 3x. There were also some shader performance improvements, so with the two of those together, there will be some nice changes. We also have a crash fix and a graphical fix for double buffer, which will help Terraria.

There were also some changes for the PC rebase, which included some fixes, updates to translations, shader fixes, codec/renderer YUV support improvements, and more! The changelog is available to check out on Github if you’d like to see the full list. You can download the updated apk through that link as well.

Overall, this is a wonderful list of improvements, and I can’t wait to see just how much the shader improvements help throughout different games!

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Noah Kupetsky

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