March 11, 2024

OneXPlayer 2 Pro Gets 8840U APU Upgrade

ONE-NETBOOK is releasing a new version of their OneXPlayer 2 Pro device with the new AMD Ryzen 7 8840U APU.

It seems like the race for the new AMD APUs is in full swing, and a lot of companies are starting to take advantage of it! AYANEO is using it in their AYANEO FLIP variations, GPD is using it in their GPD WIN Mini, and now, ONE-NETBOOK is getting into the swing of things with an upgraded version of their flagship device, the OneXPlayer 2 Pro.

Other than the APU, there doesn’t seem to be many changes, but it’s great considering the price is still relatively the same as their older model! The 8840U edition of the OneXPlayer 2 Pro will be using the new APU, which has similar graphical power to the 7840U, but some improved CPU performance and much better AI capabilities. With this chip, AI data types like FP16, FP32, and Int8 are now fully supported, which is great if you are utilizing it. You may see some improvements in gaming, but they will be marginal compared to the last generation.

ONE-NETBOOK also released a video testing games on the 8840U version of the handheld, and it looks like it will be able to back up the power they are pushing. And I couldn’t be happier about it.

The new OneXPlayer 2 Pro 8840U Edition will be releasing on the OneXPlayer store in two days, March 13th at midnight (PST). There will be two versions available and will come with a tempered glass screen protector and case during the pre-sale period:

  • 32GB RAM + 1tb SSD – $1,049
  • 32GB RAM + 2tb SSD – $1,149

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Noah Kupetsky

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