February 12, 2024

Gaming Laptop Company ‘Tulpar’ is Working on an Intel-Powered Handheld!

Gaming Laptop company Tulpar reveals a brand new handheld, powered by Intel. We don't know much about the device, but we do have photos!

This is fresh news, and we don’t have too much info on the device just yet. But Intel has just announced that gaming laptop company Tulpar is working on a new handheld gaming device that makes use of their chipsets.

Here are a few photos of the device in action at the Intel Extreme Masters in Poland yesterday:

Tulpar themselves haven’t made comments on the device yet, other than reposting a post that Intel made on X (Formerly Twitter) about the device.

Interestingly, Intel refers to the device as “The Tulpar”, which would be slightly confusing given that’s the name of the actual company making the device. It’s possible there was some miscommunication here and the device is called something different.

We also have no idea what kind of APU the device will run, but we can probably assume it will run an Intel Core Ultra 7 155H or Intel Core Ultra 5 135H, similar to the MSI Claw’s configuration.

As for the design, it seems like it will be your typical handheld affair. The controls look identical to conventional devices, with triggers and shoulder buttons, a d-pad, asymmetrical analog sticks, and colored face buttons. 2 dedicated buttons that will likely be used for integrated software, an exhaust vent across the top of the device, and front-firing speakers.

Using our beady little eyes and zooming in on those images, it appears as though we have 2 USB-C ports on the top of the device. There’s no sign of any other ports, but we don’t get to see the bottom of the device. Hopefully, there’s a 3.5mm port down there, but we won’t know until more is shown.

Are you excited about Tulpar jumping into the handheld market? Let us know in the comments below!

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Oliver Stogden

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