March 04, 2024

The New GPD G1 Model Is Now Available to Order on Indiegogo

The new GPD G1 eGPU model is officially live on Indiegogo!

Two weeks or so ago, GPD announced a new G1 model was in the works and would be released. The new model improves upon the older one with a new mode switching capability to save on power and keep noise lower, a new HDMI interface module to fully support 4K/120Hz output, and the USB-C port can fully support a 65W power supply. And now, the new model is ready for purchase, which is a pleasure to see!

While I don’t have the new model, I do have a G1 myself for eGPU needs. It works like a charm, especially with the Oculink port, and I absolutely love using it. I was shocked how great games were running on my GPD WIN 4 when it was connected, like playing Horizon Zero Dawn at high and almost 60 FPS, or even getting Returnal running. And, with support for devices that have full USB-C Type 4 ports, this could be a worthwhile addition to a semi-desktop gaming experience.

Currently, the device is $670 without any cables, but if you’d like an Oculink cable and M.2 to Oculink adapter, you can get it for $712. The G1 uses an AMD Radeon RX 7600XT, which utilizes RDNA 3 tech and 8GB of dedicated DDR6 memory. It is fully compatible with the Thunderbolt 4 interface and supports Thunderbolt 3.

You can buy it over on Indiegogo. And personally, I highly recommend it!

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Noah Kupetsky

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