January 25, 2024

Retro Dodo is Building a Retro Games Expo in the UK

RDX is a Retro-Gaming Exposition coming from the team at Retro Dodo, aiming to be the biggest Retro Games Expo in the UK.

Retro gaming tends to be something that gets a little overlooked in video gaming expos and conventions, but Retro Dodo is aiming to rectify that, in the UK at least. Announced last week, Retro Dodo will be hosting a Retro Gaming Expo called RDX at the end of the year in Bristol, England.

The aim of RDX is to create the largest retro gaming exposition in the UK. With content creators, vendors, and attendees all getting to mix over their shared hobby. With retro gaming tournaments, auctions of retro gaming goodness, vendors showing off their latest and greatest products, and the ability to have hands-on time with retro gaming classics of the past. It does sound like a fantastic time for any retro-gaming enthusiast, as someone who used to collect classic consoles myself, I’m very excited for this event in my home country.

Retro Dodo is requesting that people who are interested in the event provide their name and email address, so they can get an idea of how many attendees they might have for securing a venue. Also, if you’re a vendor or potential sponsor, you can contact them directly to potentially arrange participation in RDX.

So far they have secured the attendance of Elliot Coll, who runs the YouTube channel TheRetroFuture, with over 500k subscribers. As well as Retro Gear Customs who sell pre-modified retro gaming systems, and Epilogue who sell the GB Operator device, which lets you use original Game Boy cartridges directly on Windows/Mac/Linux devices. Of course, the Retro Dodo team itself will naturally be present. It’s looking to be a pretty neat line-up already, and I can’t wait to see who else they get to attend!

Are you interested in attending RDX? Make sure to let Retro Dodo know! And let us know what you think of this new venture in the comments below!

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Oliver Stogden

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