February 26, 2024

CRKD Announces the Nitro Deck+ for Switch. Now Dockable!

CRKD has just announced the Nitro Deck+, enhanced with HDMI Out, New Thumbstick Layout and Side Buttons, it's the ultimate Switch accessory!

In case you weren’t aware, the Nitro Deck was a nifty accessory for the Nintendo Switch that basically enhanced the experience in almost every way. Essentially a controller grip that you could slot your Switch into, it offered hall-effect joysticks (not affected by stick drift), back buttons, actual analog triggers on the top, and an enhanced kick-stand, at least compared to the Switch LCD models.

Now CRKD is bringing us the Nitro Deck+, which offers all this, and more! With HDMI Out support, you can connect your Switch to a TV, there are changes to the thumbstick layout and ergonomics, programmable side buttons, and more!

The biggest feature for me has got to be the HDMI Out. The ability to dock the Switch is a pretty fundamental feature, and I’m glad that CRKD is finally adding support for that to the Nitro Deck+.

Here’s an overview trailer detailing the new and existing features of the Nitro Deck+:

And here’s a pretty comprehensive list of features provided by CRKD about how the Nitro Deck+ will enhance your Nintendo Switch experience:

  • Ergonomically Built with All-New Thumbstick Placement
  • Zero Stick Drift Made Possible Via Hall-Effect Sensors
  • HDMI Output for TV Play (Play While Docked)
  • Re-mappable Back Buttons
  • Programmable Sidekick Buttons
  • Adjustable Trigger Sensitivity
  • Low Latency Response (direct connection via USB-C)
  • Bluetooth® Connection (To update firmware via app or as a connection alternative)
  • Swappable Stick Tops
  • Adjustable Vibration Feedback
  • Gyro Compatible for Motion Control Games
  • No Deadzone Mode
  • Turbo Function (Add Turbo Functionality to any Action or Trigger Button)
  • Pass-through Charging Feature
  • Use as an Extra Controller
  • Easy Eject System (To safely remove the Switch from the Nitro Deck+)
  • Integrated Display Stand
  • Connects to the CRKD Companion App (True Collection System)

Given that I myself struggle to use the Nintendo Switch for long periods of time, with its completely flat back making it difficult to grip. I can definitely see the appeal of a product like the Nitro Deck+, it brings the Switch in line with modern handheld standards, with a curved back, larger analog sticks, and analog triggers.

The Nitro Deck+ is available to pre-order now for $69.99, €79.99, or £69.99, depending on your region. You can head over to the CRKD website to pre-order the product.

The Nitro Deck+ is planned to start shipping in Late April 2024.

What are your thoughts? Have you used the original Nitro Deck before? Is this a big upgrade for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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Oliver Stogden

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