January 26, 2024

The Nintendo Switch 2 Will Sport an 8″ LCD Display According to Rumors

The Nintendo Switch's successor is rumored to launch later this year and use an 8" LCD Panel, forgoing OLED technology, at least for now.

According to an analyst working for Omdia, a company specializing in technology and marketing analysis, the next Nintendo system (dubbed the Nintendo Switch 2 here), will likely use an 8″ LCD panel.

Nintendo Switch OLED
The current Nintendo Switch model uses a 7″ 720p OLED panel.

There’s no word on what resolution this panel might be, although, at 8 inches, we would hope for a 1080p panel to up the quality of the 720p 7″ panel the original Nintendo Switch already uses.

What is perhaps more surprising from this news, however, is that the Nintendo Switch 2 is seemingly going to use an LCD panel and not an OLED which has become more common over the past year. With the main Steam Deck unit now being an OLED, and the original Nintendo Switch itself also using an OLED panel, it’s curious that the Switch 2 is apparently going back to using LCD technology.

Omdia apparently says if there is an OLED variant of the Nintendo Switch 2, it won’t be released in 2024.

There were reports last year of Sharp producing LCD panels for an upcoming console, which was presumed at the time to be for the Switch 2, so this isn’t completely out of the blue, but this further news does cement the idea that the Nintendo Switch 2 will be an LCD console, at least at launch.

The current rumors circulating suggest that the Nintendo Switch 2 will launch towards the end of 2024, at a price point of around $400.

What do you think, does this rumor carry any weight for you? Given the timing of everything, including Nintendo wrapping up support for the original Switch, a new console this year does seem increasingly likely. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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