January 04, 2024

New BIOS Update for GPD WIN Mini Unlocks TDP and Fixes Changing Memory Frequency

A new BIOS update for the GPD WIN Mini has been released that fixes memory frequency changing and unlocks TDP.

The GPD WIN Mini has captivated the hearts of many in the clamshell handheld space, and today, a new BIOS update was released for the GPD WIN Mini to help fix some of the issues it has been having lately, which is always a pleasure to see!

Posted on GPD’s official X account, the new BIOS, version 2.55, aims to fix an issue with changing memory frequency as well as unlock TDP for you to adjust. Unfortunately, the link to download isn’t going to be uploaded publicly, so the only way to get it is to send an email to GPD to get links sent to you for downloading. All you have to do is email:


Mention in the email that you are requesting download links for the new 2.55 BIOS for the GPD WIN Mini, and an automatic reply will be sent almost immediately with the links. I tested this myself, even though I don’t have a GPD WIN Mini, and I got a response with the download immediately. The response provided both the BIOS and EFI version. I won’t be providing the links here due to GPD not wanting to post them publicly, but emailing them is really easy.

I haven’t tested it yet, due to not having a GPD WIN Mini to test it on, so I can’t say for sure how stable this BIOS update is. But, if you are encountering these issues, there is a BIOS fix available. Just be cautious when updating due to this.

You can purchase the GPD WIN Mini now on Indiegogo. The device looks incredible and is one of the few that I really want to try out. There are multiple models with different APUs in them, with the cheapest being $751. For the design and comfort, I think this is a fair price!

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Noah Kupetsky

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