January 04, 2024

MSI Teasing a Handheld PC To Be Announced At CES 2024

MSI appears to be teasing a handheld PC that will be officially announced at CES this year.

While I thought last year was crazy for handheld PCs, it seems this will be carrying over into the new year too! Wasting almost no time, it seems MSI is hinting at the possibility of releasing a high-end handheld PC this year, with a full announcement at CES 2024. This came via the MSI Gaming Instagram page and was posted around 6 hours ago.

There isn’t a clear image of the device, but we can see two RGB lights in rings, similar to the ROG Ally’s joystick rings. I was able to snag a picture of it from the Instagram video, and I changed the contrast and saturation to make the edges of the device be a little more visible. You can also see an outline of what appears to be the ABXY buttons:

This is an interesting development, yet I can’t say I am completely surprised. With ASUS and Lenovo entering the market last year with success, I would surely expect other big companies to do so, too. While there are no details announced just yet, I would expect MSI to be going all in with power, utilizing either the newest AMD APUs (Z1 Extreme or 7840U/8840U) or Intel’s newest APUs that are starting to hit the market for handhelds.

Regardless, it is an exciting development that I am all for. I love seeing the market expand, which will bring much more awareness and excitement to handheld PC gaming. I do wish we had more symmetrical joystick options like the Steam Deck, but I am looking forward to MSI’s announcement and will be watching CES 2024 on January 9th – 12th to see what will be coming from them!

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Noah Kupetsky

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