January 26, 2024

MSI Claw Pages Appear on MSI’s Official Store – Pre-Orders Soon?

MSI Claw entries have started showing up on the official MSI store, which means pre-orders may be available soon!

It has been a couple of weeks since the MSI Claw was unveiled at CES 2024, and the excitement hasn’t stopped. As the first handheld using an Intel APU, there has been a lot of talk on how the device is going to perform and if the price is going to be worth it. While we still have so many questions, it appears the handheld may be purchasable soon as the MSI Claw has started showing up on MSI’s official store.

On the MSI store, there are three models that are going to be available. The cheapest option, which will be $699, uses an Intel Core Ultra 5 135H APU and 512gb storage, while the other two options have an Intel Core Ultra 7 155H APU and either 512gb or 1tb storage. All models will have the same 7-inch screen, Wifi 7 support, and a 53Wh battery. The Intel Core Ultra 5 is a bit weaker than the Ultra 7, but we can’t say by how much just yet.

One thing I was a little surprised to see is the RAM. In the leaks, it did seem there could be a 32gb RAM option, but according to these three models, it is only 16gb with a speed of 4800MHz. I was shocked at the speed, seeing as how the Legion Go has 16gb RAM at 7500MHz and the ROG Ally has a 6400MHz speed. So, a small downgrade in RAM, but we have a bigger battery and possibly a more powerful APU.

With these pages available, we could see a full release for the device, or pre-orders will open soon. Either way, I am excited to see exactly what the MSI Claw can do and how the Intel APU will fair in real-world tests. There’s only one way to tell though, and that will be to have it in our hands and test it for ourselves!

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Noah Kupetsky

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