February 15, 2024

Microsoft Acknowledges Windows is a “Weak Point” for Handhelds

While no Xbox handheld is confirmed, it does seem that they are aware of the issues with Windows on the portable devices.

After watching the Xbox update moments ago, I ended up being left with more questions than answers. I am so curious about what the four games coming to other consoles are, and I would love to see where they wants to put the Game Pass. But, more importantly, I wanted to know what other hardware they are looking at developing. Of course, I am hoping for a new handheld, and it seems I wasn’t the only one.

Over at The Verge, they had the chance to interview Phil Spencer regarding this update, and one of the questions they asked was about a handheld. While Phil did say he is a “big fan of handhelds,” he also mentions that Windows is one of the weak points in these Windows-based devices:

One of the weak points in the experience on a ROG or the Lenovo [Legion Go] is Windows. How Windows works on controller input only on that kind of DPI, on a smaller eight- or seven-inch screen. That’s a real design point that our platform team is working with Windows to make sure that the experience is even better.

Phil Spencer – The Verge Interview

While I do wish Windows was better, it is wonderful seeing Microsoft/Xbox acknowledging the issues that are there and working to make the experience better. We have seen small updates to this, like the compact mode for the Xbox app, but this does imply there will be further updates coming along, too!

In my interview with Jason Polansky from ATARI, he suggests that a version of something like Windows 8 on a handheld would work extremely well. And, while it hurts me so, I do agree. If Microsoft could make a specialized version of Windows with a similar UI to Windows 8, but take out the stuff that make the battery drain more than it should, that would be amazing. Well, here’s hoping it does happen, as I would love to see it!

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Noah Kupetsky

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