January 06, 2024

Legion Go Update 1/5/24 – FPS Limiter, Auto VRAM, and More

We got some new updates for the Lenovo Legion Go heading into the new year, and they are extremely promising.

Lenovo has been on point with communicating their plans for the Legion Go, taking a big hint from Valve, and it has been wonderful to see. Every Friday, Ben Myers, who is part of the Lenovo staff, posts an update to give us insight into what is being worked on and what will be coming next. While there was a break for the holidays, it seems we are right back at it, and the next updates will be very significant.

Before getting into it, Ben did mention that the focus of these updates will be on the content and what’s coming next rather than timelines for release since those can shift. I think this is a good idea, as timelines can set expectations, which can change on a dime.

Legion Go Updates 1/5/24

BIOS v29

First, we get to the BIOS. Including everything that came in the last version, this new version will also include the auto VRAM option. This will automatically adjust the UMA Buffer as necessary for what the game needs, which means we won’t have to go into the menus to change it manually at will. This is great since some games perform better at specific settings, while others may be worse at the same selection.

There will also be optimization of the custom fan table interface for use in the future, as well as support for charge limiting. This isn’t user-accessible yet, but there is a plan for it!

Legion Space

Next, we have the Legion Space update, which is going to seemingly add one of the things I want most: an FPS Limiter. This will allow you to lock a framerate through your entire device, making games run at a defined rate. This is fantastic for games that don’t have specific limit options, like 40 FPS when the screen is at 120Hz.

Along with that, there will be deadzone settings for the triggers, custom fan curve settings, and some new options to restore the deadzone and joystick response curve, turn off the power button LED (YES PLEASE), and adjust the sleep duration of controllers. Ben also notes some of these may not make it in, but this is the current goal.

Future Updates and Issues

Finally, Ben concludes the update with some features they are working on with higher priority but won’t be in the next update. He mentions that charge limit settings and key customization/mapping are high priorities, as well as changing the trigger thresholds.

There were also some issues addressed that the team is aware of and provided some insight on what’s happening with fixing them. This includes SD reader stuttering, warranty upgrades, and custom TDP settings.

So far, I am loving what Lenovo is cooking up here, and I am looking forward to seeing the updates and what is coming next. Hopefully, there will be betas for the Legion Space update though, as I am craving that FPS limiter option!

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