January 12, 2024

Legion Go Update 1/12/24 – Controller Firmware, Feature Priorities, and More

The next Legion Go update of 2024 has arrived, and we now know a bit more on the new controller firmware and when the next Legion Space update will release.

Today is Friday, and you know what that means! A new post was made by Ben Myers on the Legion Go forums, giving us another look into what is coming next for the Lenovo Legion Go. In this update, Ben goes over a new controller firmware update that was released, a list of priorities Lenovo is working on right now, and a tentative date of when the next Legion Space update will be released! There is a solid amount to go over, so I say we dive right in!

Legion Go 1/12/24 Updates:

Next Legion Space/BIOS Release Window

To start off this update, Ben gave us more information on the new Legion Space ( and BIOS (v29) updates and when they will be arriving. The next updates, which will add Fan Curve settings and FPS Limits, among many other improvements, are most likely going to be released within the next three weeks. This is subject to change, but if there are no huge issues found, then we can expect the update by the first week of February.

He also detailed that the BIOS and Legion Space updates need to be released at the same time, since they work hand in hand with each other to implement the new features. So, if there is an issue with one of the elements, we can expect a delay.

New Feature Priorities

Next, Ben goes over some new features and the internal priority to get them out. So far, there are four features that are high on the list:

  1. Keymapping Support
  2. Custom TDP Fix
  3. Improving Gyro Support
  4. Battery Charge Limiting

He also mentions that some of these require more communication between departments, so there may be lower-priority features out before these ones. There is a lot of confidence that these will be released, though, so it’s more of a question of when and not if.

Controller Firmware Update Details

Earlier this week, Lenovo released a controller firmware update that wasn’t in the regular cycle that they had planned. This update focused on addressing some bugs and getting ready for future functionality coming to Legion Space. Here is the changelog for the controller firmware update:

  • Fix for unsynchronized lighting effects between L/R controllers
  • Fixed a bug where the Left controller light wasn’t turning off with the rest of the system
  • Improved speed of light effect switching from the right menu
  • Fixed low hit rate on factory setting restoration while controllers are attached
  • Optimized trackpad palm rejection while detached
  • Added a power key light switch interface (for future use by SW update, not available today)
  • Provided trigger deadzone interface (for future use by SW update, not available today)
  • Provided sleep timing interface (for future use by SW update, not available today)

UI Improvements and Graphics

Ben also took a moment to mention that a UI overhaul is something that is being worked on. There are internal discussions about there being reskins or something akin to themes, but it isn’t a high priority right now. He also made a comment about how AMD Fluid Motion Frames is being tested right now in the beta drivers from AMD and that official support for the Legion Go won’t be coming until a little after the stable driver is out.

Other Issues Being Watched

And finally, this update was concluded with some issues that the Legion Go team is watching out for. These are issues that are either being worked on, have workarounds, or are in their mind and will be releasing a fix soon. While there are some smaller issues being tracked that could be fixed sooner, here are the bigger ones the majority are asking about:

  • Fan Whine – Issue has been addressed in manufacturing, understand that does not help any current customers, working on recommendations there.
  • Controller Wobble – Issue has been addressed in manufacturing as well, similar to above, working on “official” recommendations for those already impacted.
  • External monitor in portrait mode – service tip released here that may help: Tip Here 
  • Some miscellaneous tips and suggestions here that may help with various issues you may have been experiencing: Lenovo Forums Tips for Legion Go
  • Adrenalin co-install with VGA driver updates. Make sure when running the official driver install package that you run as administrator. If for some reason that does not pull in Adrenalin you can manually install from the Microsoft Store: https://apps.microsoft.com/detail/9NZ1BJQN6BHL 
  • Fullscreen/Upside down issues in certain games, still being looked into.
  • Left Speaker interference
  • SD Card stutter and Freeze on certain games with RealTek card reader (at the moment Realtek seems to be more affected by this than Genesys). Still working on this internally and externally with the help of our beta testing team.
  • LT / LS interference when Deadzones are adjusted too small. Shout out to rahlquist for helping to clearly identify the issue and a potential solution that our teams are looking into. For now, recommend adjusting your deadzones/response curves to mitigate this as best as possible. Reality is the reduction in deadzone required to generate this phenomenon is probably overkill for most users. If deadzone % >= ~ 10% doesn’t severely impact your game play it should mostly eliminate this interference from the hall sensor magnetics of LT/LS.
  • Desire to improve charging compatibility +/- 65W

And that’s all for this update! Ben has been doing an incredible job of keeping the community in the loop about what is going on behind the scenes. I commend the Lenovo team for this and highly encourage other manufacturers, like ASUS, to follow this lead. Valve and Lenovo are being extremely vocal and transparent with what is being worked on, and it invokes a lot of confidence in their products.

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