February 01, 2024

Legion Go Adds FPS Limiter and Custom Fan Curve in Newest Update

Legion Go's management software, Legion Space, has been updated with some great new features, including FPS limits and custom TDP and Fan Curve.

The next update for Legion Go’s management software, Legion Space, has dropped, and with it comes some amazing updates I am so excited to see included! Version seems to have stealthily dropped earlier today or yesterday and has added some necessary improvements I have been hoping to see soon.

My biggest desire was for a framerate limiter so I could force a game to run at a desired framerate that works well with the screen’s refresh rate, and it looks like that was included here! We also have the ability to set a custom TDP limit and our own fan curve if desired, both of which are really wonderful and give us a lot more control over how we want to optimize our Legion Go.

We also got a new menu that will allow us to search for and browse for any updates for the Legion Go. To find this, just go to your Legion Space settings and scroll down to the “Drivers” tab. There, you can search for all updates, including BIOS ones, to update your Go. This makes it significantly easier to stay up to date without needing to search online and go to Lenovo’s website.

There may be more that came with this Legion Space update, but no official changelog has been posted yet. I do hope that this changes soon and Lenovo will start posting changelogs along with updates, as I would love to see exactly what is being done under the hood. Regardless, this is a most welcome update I am extremely happy about!

We will update this article with the changelog once it is posted, until then, the Legion Space update should download automatically.

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Noah Kupetsky

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