January 23, 2024

JSAUX Releases Black ModCase Option for ROG Ally

JSAUX has released a new black variant for their ROG Ally ModCase, and it looks fantastic!

I am a pretty paranoid person when it comes to my expensive electronics, and when it comes to a case for my handhelds, I am very picky. JSAUX’s ModCase is one of my two favorite hard-shell cases for the Steam Deck, so when they released a version for the ROG Ally, I was on board from day 1. Today, we have a black color option for the ModCase for the Ally. The only difference between the white version is the look, which I like a lot more over the white version!

The ModCase is one of my favorite cases for a reason. Not only does it protect well and have a great hard shell covering, but it’s also very modular. It comes with a kickstand on the back, as well as a front travel cover, but it also has a strap that allows you to tie some accessories on the back. The most used one is a power bank or external battery, but if you have something else, you could fit it too. It also has a small MicroSD card storage built into the front cover.

There are two versions of the ModCase available:

  • The Basic Set – $29.99 (Case, Front Cover, and Strap)
  • The Power Bank Set – $79.99 (All of the above + 20,000mAh power bank)

Personally, I would go for the basic set. I have found great deals for power banks on Amazon that support fast charging, including the Baseus 30,000mAh power bank, which is $59.99. I use this power bank and I have no problems bringing it when I am traveling on planes.

The ModCase is available to purchase on JSAUX’s official site.

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Noah Kupetsky

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