February 20, 2024

GPD Revises the G1 with Power Switching and Better HDMI Support

A revised version of the GPD G1 is in production with better HDMI support and a power-switching button!

Do you want to push the most power out of your handhelds and don’t mind being a bit more stationary? Then, I highly recommend checking out the GPD G1. This external GPU connects directly to your devices that have a USB4 Type C or Oculink port and allows you to utilize a much more powerful GPU, an AMD Radeon RX 7600XT to be exact. And now, GPD is releasing a revised version of the G1, which has some nifty updates to it, including a new power switching mode!

According to a post over on the GPD G1 Indiegogo page, the new revised version of the eGPU will have three big changes. First, we have a physical power switching button. This will swap to and from a “Silent Mode,” where TGP is 60W and keeps the noise on the lower end, and a “Balanced Mode”, which keeps TGP to 100W and pushes power. If you already have a G1, the “Balanced Mode” is the default setting. GPD also provided 3DMark scores of both power modes running on a GPD WIN 4 6800U model:

The left side is Balanced Mode, while the right side is Silent Mode.

Then, we have a new HDMI interface module. The G1 has two DisplayPorts and one HDMI port. The HDMI port can support 4K/120Hz output already, but due to signal interference, it isn’t able to actually achieve that and can only output 4K/60Hz. The revision will solve the problem, though, and now you should be able to fully utilize the HDMI port with 120Hz output.

And finally, we have a slight adjustment to the USB4 Type C port on the G1. Now, it can support a 65W power supply, which means we can effectively supply power to devices that support 65W. Before, there were some issues of not being able to supply the full 60W it was able to, so now, there’s a new Thunderbolt 4 controller to fix that, as well as some firmware bugs!

The new G1 revision is currently in production right now and should be launched by the end of this month! I am pleased to see these improvements, though, and having a way to swap between two different power modes is a nice touch, especially when playing games that don’t need to utilize the full power of the eGPU.

You can check out the older model of the GPD G1 over on Indiegogo, where it is on sale for $670. Currently, they are out of stock, though, so any orders will ship the revised version in early March.

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Noah Kupetsky

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