December 28, 2023

EXCLUSIVE: OneXPlayer X1 Models, Add-Ons, and Launch Window Information

We got some new information regarding the upcoming 11-inch OneXPlayer X1 handheld, and we are quite excited to learn more.

OneXPlayer’s upcoming device, the OneXPlayer X1, looks to be an incredible addition to the handheld market. The large screen and Intel Core processor make for an interesting combination that, with the almost 11-inch 2.5K resolution display, could make for a premier gaming experience. With this information, I reached out to a representative from ONE-NETBOOK asking some questions about the X1, and while some couldn’t be answered, the majority were, and it gave us some new insight into the campaign for what could be the biggest and most powerful handheld to release.

Multiple Model Variations

With most Windows handhelds from OneXPlayer, we have become accustomed to different models you could purchase. These models usually had different RAM and storage options for a higher price. And this trend will continue with the X1. When it launches, there will be multiple different model variations that have more RAM and more storage. I didn’t get the specifics of these options, but it is nice to know that if you want to invest more, there are options for it.

OneXPlayer X1 + OneXGPU Bundle

Along with the different model variations, OneXPlayer will also be providing a special bundle with the X1 and their upcoming mobile GPU, the OneXGPU. No pricing was provided, but I do expect that there will be some discount that makes this bundle a bit cheaper than purchasing the products separately. After playing around with the GPD G1, I can see the benefit of having this for some intense portable gaming. The X1 could be an even more perfect fit since it has a bigger screen, allowing for a better portable desktop experience.

Controllers and Keyboard Addon

Since the X1 is being positioned as a 3-in-1 handheld, I asked if the controllers and the keyboard, which could be turned into a laptop-esque device, would come with the X1. I did get confirmation that the controllers will come with each purchase, but the magnetic Bluetooth keyboard could be an optional add-on. This may change since the representative used the word “May,” but I wouldn’t be surprised if it did end up as a separate add-on purchase.

January 2024 Launch Window

And finally, we have the date for the campaign launch. There is no exact release date for when the Indiegogo campaign will begin, but OneXPlayer is targeting January 2024 for its launch. This does follow most brands, considering that pre-launch takes place about a month before the launch, but it’s good to have this confirmation regardless.

And that’s about all the information I am able to get so far. The X1 is still a while away, and OneXPlayer is hard at work getting the prototypes ready to showcase. It appears they have already started doing this as well, as they have posted their first YouTube video testing their prototype with the Bluetooth keyboard and a mouse!

For now, you can sign up for email updates and be ready for their official launch by going to their Indiegogo page! I am looking forward to learning more about this massive device though, and seeing if the Intel Core being used will be a big game changer.

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Noah Kupetsky

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