February 06, 2024

AYANEO Reveals the Full Specs of the Pocket S. IGG Pre-Launch Begins Now!

The AYANEO Pocket S, a high-end Android handheld, has pre-launched on IGG revealing the full specs. The full launch is expected in April.

In case you missed it, AYANEO has been ramping up marketing for their upcoming Pocket S handheld. In fact, the Indiegogo pre-launch page for the device just went live! The Pocket S is a slim, high-end Android device, which should be capable of handling just about any emulator currently on the Android market, including Switch emulation. Here are some pics of the device:

As you can see, it looks a little more “premium” than most Android handhelds we’re used to. And if you’re worried about the device having a completely flat back (which I was), it looks like AYANEO will be selling a protective case that doubles as a grip for the device:

But you want to hear about what actually powers this high-end device right? Well, don’t worry, because we have the full specifications of the device right here! Take a look:

  • CPU: Snapdragon® G3x Gen 2 Gaming Platform丨Up to 15W Power Draw
  • GPU: Adreno™ A32 GPU with up to 1Ghz Clock Frequency
  • Design: Featuring Matte All-Metal CNC Middle Frame丨”Fishbone” Biomimetic Design for Heat Dissipation丨Unimaginably Thin & Light, making it a Portable 14mm Gaming Marvel
  • Display: 6″ 1440P Borderless Mirror Screen, IPS (1440P for the Special Edition | 1080P for the Standard Edition)        
  • Storage: Up to 1TB丨Catering to Extensive Gaming and Application Storage Needs
  • RAM: Up to 16GB
  • Cooling: Large-Area Vapor Chamber Thermal Plate + Active Cooling System
  • Feedback: Three-Mode Comprehensive Vibration丨Exclusive Support for Body + Controller + Sound Three-Mode Vibration
  • Controls: RGB Hall Sensing Joystick + Hall Trigger丨Crystal-Textured Keys
  • Power & Efficiency: Multi-scenario Performance Mode Switching丨Unique G3x Gen 2 Performance Mode for Extreme Performance丨Optional Long Battery Life Gaming Mode
  • Custom Software: AYASpace Management Front-End + AYAHome Desktop Launcher丨Convenient Handheld Game Management
  • Key Mapping: Support for Mobile Game Key Mapping to Physical Controller丨Brand New Key Mapping Feature to Assist Mobile Gaming with Precise Control

As you can see, it’s a bit of a beast when it comes to specs, using top-of-the-line components from Qualcomm, as well as having sufficient RAM for even the toughest emulation situations. (Some Switch games require 12GB of RAM to run well).

AYANEO plans to launch the Pocket S on Indiegogo this coming April, we’ll receive more details, such as pricing, at that time.

What do you think, has this high-end Android device caught your eye? I’m really glad they’ve addressed the flat back of the device with an optional grip, as that was my main issue when it was first revealed. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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Oliver Stogden

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