January 18, 2024

AYANEO Retro Mini PC AM02 Campaign Has Begun – Specs + Pricing

The AYANEO Retro Mini PC AM02 Indiegogo campaign has launched, and the pricing is phenomenal for it.

If you are a fan of mini PCs, then AYANEO might be on your radar recently. As part of their REMAKE campaign, the manufacturers have been creating devices that revolve around a retro theme. In the mini PC space, the company announced two devices, both having extremely unique looks and features. We reviewed the first one, the AM01, and absolutely loved it with its aesthetic and incredible pricing, and it seems the AM02 will be following suit.

Now, the campaign for the second mini PC is live, and more details have been released for it, including a full spec list and the pricing! So, now that the info is live, let’s go over it.

AYANEO Retro Mini PC AM02 Specs and Pricing:

7840HS APU Power

Something that was actually announced a few days ago was that the AM02 will be powered by an AMD Ryzen 7 7840HS APU. Similar to the power that handhelds like the ROG Ally, AYANEO SLIDE, and Legion Go use, this device should be able to play a solid amount of games with this APU since, unlike the 7840U counterparts, it can handle more power than 28W. This actually made me a bit worried though, as I thought this would bring up the price too much to make it not worthwhile, but I was wrong.


The most surprising part of all of this is the pricing, which I find extremely competitive in the field. Like the AM01, there will be a barebone version, which doesn’t have any RAM, SSD, or OS installed, and this will be the lowest at $439 (early bird pricing). The next step up from that is 16gb RAM + 512gb SSD, which is $529 (early bird pricing). While these early bird prices only last for the first 150 units sold of each model, I would consider them to be an extremely good deal. Here is the full price list:

The Design + 4-Inch Screen

One of the big appeals of the AYANEO Mini PCs is their design. The AM01 had an original Macintosh computer theme, and I loved it. The trend is continuing here with a different design reminiscent of another prominent device in the past, the NES. But, unlike the AM01, there are a few key features here that stand out for the AM02.

First, there are a solid amount of ports on the front and back of the device, but the front has a cover that you can open and close, which is quite cool. As for the ports themselves, the back has two Ethernet ports, with one supporting 1Gbps and the other supporting 2.5Gbps. I definitely haven’t seen the latter on many devices, so I think it is quite cool.

And finally, we have the 4-inch screen on the top. This screen is digital and fully customizable, so you can have it showing the time, weather, screensavers, and even a display showing your game performance data! The screen is a touchscreen too, so you can even have stuff to adjust volume and more from there and use your finger.

The RAM, Connectivity, and Other Specs

On top of this, the device will come with either 16gb or 32gb of DDR5 RAM with a 5600MHz speed. There are going to be multiple models, so you can choose the RAM and size of the SSD inside. It will also support WiFi 6E and Bluetooth 5.2, and come pre-installed with Windows 11 (not Barebones version) and AYASpace. It will weigh around 538g, but could vary a bit based on the RAM+SSD configuration. It will use a quad copper pipe cooling system and be around 146 x 134 x 48mm.

Honestly, it all sounds a bit too good to be true. The device sounds wonderful and very worth the price they are asking for. After using the AM01 Mini PC as my main work computer, and the one I am writing this article on, I am extremely excited for the AM02 and can’t wait to see more.

You can check out the campaign and pre-order one for yourself on Indiegogo. They should start shipping next month.

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