January 10, 2024

AYANEO NEXT LITE to Be First Non-Valve SteamOS Handheld

AYANEO's NEXT LITE handheld has been confirmed to be the first SteamOS device outside of Valve's Steam Deck.

Update 1/11/24: AYANEO has responded and clarified that this will be a modified version of HoloISO specifically optimized for this handheld. HoloISO is very close to SteamOS and is 99% similar, but it isn’t official from Valve. We have asked for more specifics on these changes and will update accordingly.

Yesterday, I heard about AYANEO’s NEXT LITE handheld, which seems to be a fantastic step forward. It takes the design and ergonomics of AYANEO’s NEXT brand, but aims to provide a more affordable device that others can game on. While I love this direction, what interested me the most was the fact that this will come pre-installed with SteamOS.


One of the biggest criticisms I have for a majority of non-Steam Deck handhelds is that Windows OS is heavily unoptimized for a small screen like this. On the other hand, SteamOS is a fantastic operating system for a handheld, but Valve has kept it under lock and key while it prepares a full release for anyone to install on any device. This is why the news is extremely interesting as this will be the first device to use SteamOS that isn’t the Steam Deck.

There aren’t many other details for it yet, but AYANEO has confirmed in an article that the screen is 7-inches and uses 800p resolution, has a 47Wh battery, and X-axis linear motors. There aren’t any other details released just yet, but we should have more information coming tomorrow once subscriptions open.

I am going to watch this one and see exactly what will be included in the system. It will be hard to compete fully with the Steam Deck OLED’s value in both price and features, but with the last few devices from AYANEO, I have a lot more faith in them. If they can provide a solid screen with more power than a Steam Deck, keep the hall effect joysticks and triggers, and maybe offer more RAM for a similar price, this will be a very close call to which handheld to go for.

We have reached out to Valve and AYANEO for comment to verify these reports.

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Noah Kupetsky

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