January 05, 2024

AYANEO FLIP Indiegogo Launch Coming End of January

The AYANEO FLIP will be launching on Indiegogo at the end of this month, and it looks like it will be a force to be reckoned with.

There is something extremely interesting about the clamshell design when it comes to handheld PCs. It seems extremely appealing in the same way the Nintendo DS was to me, and I love the ability to angle the screen however I would like to. AYANEO’s version of a clamshell handheld, the FLIP, has captured my attention since they showed off the dual-screen design, and now, we have an idea of when the Indiegogo launch will begin!

Yesterday, AYANEO posted a little preview for the launch of the device on X, which will take place at the end of January. I hope they can keep the $700 – $750 price for the base model they use with the AYANEO SLIDE since it made the device significantly more competitive in the space. The FLIP sounds like it will be very generous too, with a 7-inch screen that covers 120% of the sRGB color gamut and has a 120Hz refresh rate, utilizing a 7840U APU, and boasts a 46.2Wh battery to go with it.

Recently, I have been playing around with the G1 eGPU that I got with my GPD WIN 4, and it really boosts gaming capabilities more than I expected. Luckily, the AYANEO FLIP will feature an Oculink port, too, which will allow it to easily interface with eGPUs like this! This could take gaming on the FLIP to a whole new level, which, from my experience, will be close to unreal.

I will be watching and waiting to see what the AYANEO FLIP will be priced at and what it can do. If this is priced at the same $700 point, this could be an extremely intriguing device that could be very competitive against others.

You can sign up and follow along for updates over on the AYANEO FLIP’s Indiegogo page.

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Noah Kupetsky

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