January 13, 2024

AYANEO To Offer Compensation for Delayed AYANEO KUN Shipments In the Form of an Upgraded Storage Bag

AYANEO are offering compensation for delayed shipments of their AYANEO KUN handheld in the form of an upgraded storage bag.

The AYANEO KUN is an expensive beast, with the lowest spec model costing $999 even when discounted. So I’m sure people were a little disappointed when their shipments didn’t arrive at the estimated date.

To soften the blow, AYANEO is offering a small upgrade for backers who bought the AYANEO KUN before December 15th, 2023. Instead of the standard storage bag, backers will be upgraded to the exclusive AYANEO x Tomtoc Storage Bag, valued at $32.90.

Here’s a direct quote from the update on AYANEO’s IGG page regarding the delay:

Unfortunately, we have encountered a delay in the shipment of certain models of AYANEO KUN, and we understand that this has caused inconvenience for our valued backers. To express our gratitude for your understanding and to make up for the waiting time, we have decided to offer a special compensation.

Effective immediately, we are replacing the KUN black customized bag in the gift with the AYANEO x Tomtoc Storage (valued at 32.9USD) for free.

This exclusive offer is extended to backers who placed their orders before December 15, 2023. If you fall under this category, you are eligible for the complimentary AYANEO x Tomtoc Storage as a token of our appreciation for your early support.


There doesn’t seem to be much info about the Tomtoc case or, indeed, the standard storage bag that backers were originally meant to receive. So, it’s hard to tell how much of an upgrade this is. Luckily, Noah has both the storage and Tomtoc bag and has mentioned how much nicer the design of the exclusive bag is. While he didn’t have a photo of it, and couldn’t take one yet, I did find a very small photo that shows off the white design:

They then state that the factory has begun to produce units, and they should be shipped shortly. If you want to purchase, there are two models currently available on Indiegogo:

  • 16gb RAM + 512gb SSD – $1,003
  • 32gb RAM + 1tb SSD – $1,164

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