January 05, 2024

Anbernic 35XX H Is Officially On Sale Now with $5 Discount

The new Anbernic 35XX H is officially on sale now, and it looks like a fantastic retro gaming device for some good portable gaming.

The wait is officially over! Anbernic’s newest device, the 35XX H, is officially up for sale and looks fantastic. If you are a retro gaming fan and want an extremely portable device for the older consoles, this may be the device you want to get.

Sporting nearly identical internal hardware to the 35XX Plus, the 35XX H’s big draw comes from its more horizontal form factor and the inclusion of analog sticks on both sides of the device. With an ARM Cortex-A53 CPU and Dual-core G31 MP2 GPU, the new device can take full advantage of the power it has with the analog sticks. According to Anbernic, this device can handle up to PSP emulation, so this would be a fantastic way to experience it!

The device will also support over 30 different emulators. It also supports 2.4G wireless controllers, Bluetooth, HDMI output to TVs, and vibration. You can even stream over WiFi!

Price-wise, we have different models with colors and storage options. Each version has a white, purple, or black case. The purple and white colors are transparent. There is also a $5 discount up for the next 48 hours before it goes back up:

  • 64gb – $62.99
  • 64gb + 128gb SD card – $77.99

Each purchase will come with the console, screen protector, USB-C charging cable, manual, and a gift box!

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While we don’t have a review unit, our good friend Russ over at Retro Game Corps did and reviewed it before the release! He mentioned that it is the first true candy bar plastic handheld Anbernic released since September 2020 and that he thinks this will be a fantastic daily driver for classic retro gaming on the go once the software has been improved.

Overall, I have high hopes for the device, and for $63, it looks extremely worthwhile to have for some good ol’ retro gaming. You can purchase the device now on Anbernic’s website.

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