January 09, 2024

AMD Preview Driver Enables Fluid Motion Frames on 700M Graphics

AMD has released a new beta driver for most powerful handhelds out now to enable Fluid Motion Frames.

If you are hoping to get some better framerates on some harder-to-run games on the ROG Ally, Legion Go, or any handheld that is using an AMD 7000 or 8000 series APU, this new update is going to be one you will love! Today, AMD is releasing a new preview update that enables the ability to use AMD Fluid Motion Frames (AMFM) on any device with an integrated 700M GPU, like the ones in the Z1 Extreme and 7840U chips.

As noted first by VideoCardz, this new driver will allow you to use AMFM with any DirectX 11 or 12 games. This tech utilizes low-latency frame interpolation and processing to give fluid and crisp action in fast-moving scenes. With this update, it also adds frame generation technology to boost FPS even further, which is extremely wonderful.

This is a preview update, so the driver is in beta. Some issues may be introduced, like extra latency or possibly some other issues. Until it is out of beta, I would use it primarily for testing and to see what it will feel like, though if it feels good and is providing a lot of boosts, you should definitely keep using it.

To download this driver, you can go to this link. Once downloaded, you can enable AMFM through AMD Adrenaline, and it is recommended to combine it with anti-lag. For it to work, you will also need to be in full screen with VSYNC disabled.

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Noah Kupetsky

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